What is Somewhere Nowhere?

Creative ways of seeing and making connections in the natural world.

Somewhere-nowhere is an environmental art and research practice. We use the power of curiosity, pause, collaborative research and public events to engage with elements that give a sense of place, and let stories gradually reveal themselves. Sometimes these are stories of joy and wonder, they may shine a light on cultural heritage, or on struggle or loss. 

Our creative projects use photography, poetry, art, walking and research focused on sensitive environments and cultures. Self-led and commissioned projects lead to exhibitions, books, presentations and lectures, public events and land-art, both temporary and permanent. We work alongside scientists, farmers and analysts and public organisations concerned with environmental work, landscape care and rural policies; we enjoy being part of university research teams; and we run residencies in rural spaces. 

Somewhere-nowhere has five guiding principles: journey – pause – reflect – respond - connect.

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Journey Pause Reflect Respond Connect

You may find us at conferences, in galleries, leading walks or working in schools and colleges, or maybe planting trees, taking long walks, or camping in the hills. You won’t find us when we’re processing all that we gather: we spent plenty of time in the writing room and the darkroom, planning, editing, shaping and refining work to share in public spaces.

We believe in thinking outside the box. We want to challenge ‘business as usual’ and and we work with others to empower people and communities to feel connected and to make a positive difference. We have experienced the value of combining slow time outside with research that draws on a wide range of knowledge. In appreciating natural systems, for their own sake as well as for their benefits to humans, and in caring for them well, we're certain that feeling and knowing are essential; this combination is a strong motivator for action.


We work independently and in collaboration with other organisations whose outlook chimes with our own. We’re curious about places that are remarkable for their beauty and their location on the edge of the mainstream, and the people we meet who have lives invested in those places. Our projects tend to be long-term, and frequently one leads to another. If you’d like to work with us, or want to chat about things we might have in common, drop us a line.

We’re based in Cumbria but not limited by geography. Our curiosity, and other people’s questions, can take us anywhere.


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